Wood Skirting

So we recently painted the exterior of our house to make it match our vibe on the inside. You can see the finished exterior HERE! Doing that meant we needed to do something about the existing skirting. So we decided to DIY a wood skirting to match our shutters and deck and this is what we came up with.

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The process:

1 - laid out treated 2x4 along the ground.

2 - used 8" bolts as a stake to anchor the 2x4s

3 - attached treated 1x4 to the 2x4 and house centered at every four feet

4 - attached treated rough cut 1x6s to the 1x4s. We started with a full 8' board and worked our way down. On the second row we started with 4' board then went back to 8' boards to break up the seams.

The stain color we went with was Early American. And that's it! It was actually pretty simple to do once we had a plan in place.

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