The Guest Bathroom is Finished - Well Kinda!

Guys! We finally have the shower in the guest bath completely finished which means we officially have a shower again! There is literally no better feeling than having a shower in your house after being without one for five months.

We started the renovation almost nine months ago with a phase one that involved ripping out the floors and the vanity and putting in tile and a new wood vanity. I shared how we built the vanity here.

Our original plan was to refinish an old claw foot tub, but even after removing the small wall behind the original tub, the new tub was still an inch too big. So we decided to throw out that idea and just put in a shower. We decided to carry the patterned floor tile into the shower and do subway tile for the walls. This ended up being a much bigger project than I even imagined (after all I’ve only tiled two floors before taking this on) but in the end it was more than worth it!

But we have decided we aren’t completely finished in there just yet. When we first started on the renovation we put up the faux brick because that’s the direction we thought we were heading in there. But now looking at it next to the subway tile, it just looks yellow. So I feel like we need to rethink the walls and we are back to square one on those. I’ll update y’all here when we get that figured out.

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