Our Clayton Homes Journey

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Hey guys! I wanted to share our entire home journey with Clayton Homes with you today. It is something that I don't think I have ever shared with you before so let's start from the beginning.

Back in 2014 we sold our home; we really just didn't love the town we were in. Our plan was to live with my parents while buying land and building a house. But things always have a funny way of not working out like you plan. Right around the time our home sold, we surprisingly found out that we were expecting our third baby. We were already under contract on our house and had no choice but to move forward with selling it. So, we did and moved in with my parents.

Now I know a lot of people do that temporarily while they are building or buying a house. But eight people in an 1,800 sq. ft. house was definitely a tight squeeze and adding one more was less than ideal. So, with the combination of us running out of time and financially the cost of everything with a new baby on the way, we decided to explore other options. Those other options led us to Clayton Homes. Financially this option just made the most sense. Clayton has homes available to pretty much fit any budget.

A few of Weston's family members had already purchased Clayton homes and all had good things to say about their experiences so we decided to check them out for ourselves. We made a trip to a home center and we were greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable home consultant. We looked at several different options before deciding on the model we chose which is the Infinite Value.

With Clayton Homes, our home buying process from start to finish was so smooth and they made everything so easy for us. Like I said, we were on a pretty strict timeline. Even though it had been pretty rainy during this time, Clayton Homes did everything they could to make sure our home was here on time. We ended up being moved in completely with about a month to spare. It was an amazing feeling to know we would have a place of our own again to bring our baby home to.

Initially when we purchased our home we had no intentions of doing any renovations. But I am a stay at home mom and as our children got older and more independent, I was looking for something to do as kind of a hobby and creative outlet. That is when I began sharing our story on Instagram. Our home has changed so much over the past few years. It's even changed quite a bit since Clayton Homes came out and filmed our testimonial. If you haven't seen it or just want to look back at how it has changed you can find that here.

We have renovated our home inside and out over the last couple of years to fit our family's needs and our style. We started out with everything farmhouse style and painted literally everything white. With kids, it is not the easiest to keep an all white house clean so our style evolved a bit to incorporate more wood tones along with pops of black and even a few pops of bright colors. We absolutely love our cozy little home.

If you are interested in seeing what homes Clayton has available that are similar in style to our home, you can find those here.

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