Exterior Makeover!

Hey Friends! I am so excited to finally share the exterior makeover I did with paint gifted by Sherwin-Williams! I shared over on my Instagram a while back that I was wanting to give our home a whole new look. In my head I was dreaming of a white house with black trim and black windows. There was nothing wrong with the before, I just wanted it to be something that matched the vibe we have going on on the inside.

The picture below is the before of our home. To be completely honest, I was a little nervous going into this project because we have vinyl siding. I wanted to make sure that if we painted it, it was going to be done right and it was going to last. That is where Sherwin-Williams came in, they have a vinyl safe line of paints which offers 100 color options including a few darker colors. Their vinyl safe colors are formulated to resist warping or buckling.

It is seriously amazing what a little paint can do to spruce things up. We went with Touch of Cream SWVS 346 on the vinyl siding and Caviar SW 6990 on the trim, windows and doors. For both paint colors we went with SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex in Satin finish. SuperPaint is formulated with an Advanced Resin Technology for outstanding adhesion, hide and color retention. The SuperPaint provided great coverage and one of the things I really loved about it is that it provides a dirt and mildew resistant coating.

This project was a big one to tackle but in the end, I am so happy that we decided to take this one on. It was 100% worth it and I am still completely in shock that this is our home now!

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