DIY Potted Cedar Trees

If you know me personally, you know that I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. Some may think I go a little overboard, but it's my favorite holiday and really the only one I go all out for. This year I wanted to create a little tree forest on our kitchen island. I thought about buying several small fake trees but obviously that can get pricey. While I was shopping for trees, I came across some small cedar trees in terracotta pots and thought I could easily and inexpensively recreate these with things I already had. So I wanted to share this super easy DIY with you today.

We have tons of trees around our house so I went out and clipped some of the ends of the limbs to make the small trees.

After I gathered up the limbs, I brought them in my house and put them in the bathtub to soak. I filled the tub up until the limbs were completely covered and let them soak for 24 hours. After they finished soaking, I drained the water and left them in the tub to let the water run off.

I did some research on how to preserve the greenery so it doesn't dry out. I found this Wilt Pruf that helps to reduce moisture loss when plants are under water stress due to transplanting, drought, drying winds and frozen ground. It can also be used for Christmas trees and greenery. It forms a protective coating to hold in moisture and prevent wilting. The next step is to take the branches outside to spray them. I laid mine all out on an old table for this. Spray the Wilt Pruf on the branches generously and try to get every branch. Once you spray them, flip them over and spray the other side. Leave the branches outside to dry for four hours.

While the branches were drying, I gathered up my terracotta pots and filled them with dirt from our garden. You could use floral foam to stick the branches into instead of dirt.

When the Wilt Pruf has dried you will notice that the branches are shiny and feel kind of plastic. That is the protective coating and it will last three to four months. I then stuck the branches into the pots and they were finished.

Thanks for visiting the blog today! If you decide to do this DIY don't forget to tag me on Instagram, I love to see your pictures. ♥️ Ashley

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