Bedroom Refresh

*The mattress was gifted through a partnership with BedInABox

Hey friends! If you are following along on Instagram, you know we have been slowly refreshing our master bedroom over the past few months. One of the most recent updates was a new Tranquillium mattress from BedInABox.

They made mattress shopping super easy. The memory foam mattress was delivered right to our front door, it ships free, comes with a 120 night risk free trial and they are made right here in the USA (North Carolina). Unboxing was a breeze!

We have been sleeping on our new BedInABox mattress for about a month now and it’s honestly been the best sleep we’ve had in a long time. Our old mattress had a high spot in the middle and two big indentions from where we slept which meant if you moved out of your spot was it super uncomfortable. Being parents, we usually have at least one child make their way to the bed at some point in the night. With our new 12 inch high quality foam Tranquillium mattress, we can all pile in and still get a peaceful night of sleep.

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